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It was a full weekend - Tai and I had a First 5 excursion, we visited [ profile] twirlgrrl , we had Ross (a friend of Tom's from middle school) visit for the weekend, Tai got sick with the dreaded Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (which still makes me think of Foot and Mouth disease), we went to Golden Gate park, the Sutro Baths and Chrissy Field.  We also went out drinking (without Tai) and stayed up too late last night listening to new music and talking to Ross.  So, in lieu of a real entry, please enjoy these pics.  (Or feel free to skip if you aren't into that sort of thing.)

On Friday Tai and I joined our Mom's Group for a field trip - Wonderbugs at Stern Grove.  We saw ladybugs: 

And we dressed up (Tai chose the colors himself):

We explored:
Any bugs down here?


And we danced:

We climbed (well, the toddlers did.  This is Tai with his best friend, Peter.  Peter is going to be moving in June and I am so sad.): 

Unfortunately Tai slipped and while I thought he was just making an 'oops' face, come to find out he'd hit his mouth and broken his front tooth:

I should have taken pictures at [ profile] twirlgrrl 's but didn't.  Plus, that's where Tai came down with his fever, so that part wasn't fun.  On the up side, she gave Tai some meds and made the fever go down, and his poor, sore tooth feel better. 

On Saturday, Ross, Tom, and I dragged Tai to Golden Gate Park.  (Tai wouldn't be left behind with Mommy, he wanted to be part of the party!)

We looked for turtles (and found some):
Looking for turtles with Tom

It was a lovely weekend, spring was in full effect.  Sky a perfect blue, flowers in bloom everywhere.  I love the Botanical Garden:

Tai wasn't himself; he spent most of the time riding in his stroller when usually he can't be kept from running, jumping and playing:
Tai in stroller

After all of our walking, we were starving.  We went to a Pho place on Irving Street, where they actually had vegetarian pho, with veggie broth!  I wanted to be just like [ profile] jameth :
Pho of the now

Unfortunately, Tai's mouth was really sore.  Both because he was sick, and because of the tooth I think.  I asked him to show me his 'grr' face:
Grr face

On Sunday we went to breakfast at the Hipster Diner (ie. the St. Francis Fountain).  Tai was feeling a bit better, and enjoyed showing off his evil side.  (Note the soy foam goatee...) :
Evil Tai

After breakfast we drove out past the Cliff House to the Sutro Baths.  They've done a lot of work on the parking area and, sadly, closed off the rock path beyond the tunnel:

I was inspired by Ross and his talent with photography to play around a little with my camera.  I have been relying far too much on my iphone.  Nice to have it with me all the time, and small... but the quality of picture is just not great.  Here's a couple of arty-farty shots:

Waves and Cliff



Tai wasn't quite himself, but he had fun:

Tom and Tai

We were sorry Ross' visit was short.  The three guys had fun together:
Ross, Tom and Tai



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