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Or lack thereof. I am about to lose my everloving mind. Ever since Tai and I arrived in the desert he's gone back to not sleeping in the evenings. He'll go down, then wake up every half hour or so and insist on nursing. In the middle of the night he'll want to nurse for an hour straight and it's not all eating- or even most of it. I cuddle, I rock, I offer a pacifier. He reacts like I am poking him with sticks.

Last night (our first night back) I was so fried that I snapped at him and when he cried louder I put my hand over his mouth for a second. Like that would help. We were in bed together, it was midnight and he'd been nursing since 11. My nipples were killing me. I finally told him he didn't need to nurse anymore right then, took him off and just rubbed his back and let him cry until we fell asleep.

I don't feel good about it, but I didn't know what else to do. Tom is in china until tomorrow and I needed a break. Tonight is looking like it might go similarly, nursing wise and I hope venting here will help me stay patient. It's not like Tai is trying to be mean or doing this on purpose. I just wish he'd take comfort in something other than my nipple.

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All over

Jan. 24th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Today was a big day. After an anxious night wherein Tai got sick (on my arm and his jammies: yummy), I was hoping he'd take good naps. No such luck. He had the normal morning nap, but he absolutely refused to take an afternoon nap, no matter how long I rocked or nursed.

Since Tom was working on the house, I had no break if Tai skipped his nap. I was fit to be tied. Finally Tom offered to take a break and give me an hour. While I waited for him to clean up, I tried to interest Tai in a game other than stand at the gate and whine for Daddy.

Sitting a few feet from the gate, I called Tai. He turned to look at me and let go of the gate, standing on his own. I called again and he walked three steps to me! I cheered, then backed up a bit and he did it again. I was thrilled!

I told Tom he'd walked and Tom hurried in to see. We sat a little way from each other and Tai walked between us, to much cheering. (I think he was just glad to have momma stop clenching her teeth and grumping at daddy.)

He walked and walked until he could barely keep his balance, he was so tired; then we made him do it for Grandma.

I called dad to share the news and he said, "it's all over now - he's all over now."

Enjoy a video! 


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Out late

Dec. 20th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm in the car on the way home from date night, so this is the only way I'll be able to get my daily entry complete.

We hit the Farmers Market again. I'm going to need to plan meals before I go in the future so I know what we need. And plan to cook mostly seasonal recipes.

While I was buying mushrooms Tom stepped back with Tai to be out of the way. It took me a minute and when I turned around I didn't see him. I figured he'd walked to another stall so I moved on. A moment later a woman started shouting "Alex!"

Her 4 year old son had wandered away. It stopped my heart. Her voice grew higher as her fear rose. The desperation was palpable and also almost enough to make me cry.

But soon many people were calling her son's name and only five minutes or so passed before he was found. Even so, a scare. I called Tom to see where he was, and soon I was with Tai.

I wish life weren't so precarious. I would appreciate it just as much.

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