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Jan. 24th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Today was a big day. After an anxious night wherein Tai got sick (on my arm and his jammies: yummy), I was hoping he'd take good naps. No such luck. He had the normal morning nap, but he absolutely refused to take an afternoon nap, no matter how long I rocked or nursed.

Since Tom was working on the house, I had no break if Tai skipped his nap. I was fit to be tied. Finally Tom offered to take a break and give me an hour. While I waited for him to clean up, I tried to interest Tai in a game other than stand at the gate and whine for Daddy.

Sitting a few feet from the gate, I called Tai. He turned to look at me and let go of the gate, standing on his own. I called again and he walked three steps to me! I cheered, then backed up a bit and he did it again. I was thrilled!

I told Tom he'd walked and Tom hurried in to see. We sat a little way from each other and Tai walked between us, to much cheering. (I think he was just glad to have momma stop clenching her teeth and grumping at daddy.)

He walked and walked until he could barely keep his balance, he was so tired; then we made him do it for Grandma.

I called dad to share the news and he said, "it's all over now - he's all over now."

Enjoy a video! 


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Jun. 24th, 2008 10:58 pm
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I think this is my favorite of Tai's most recent accomplishments... he's learned to roll over from his back to his belly! He seems quite pleased with himself, too. And he's totally ready to crawl, if only his body would cooperate. He kicks and kicks and scootches himself around in a circle, but just can't get the belly off the ground. I am ridiculously proud of him with the rolling over, even though I know every baby learns how to do this.

It just happened today. I was getting myself some cereal and I put him under his little gym toy to play (on his back, of course) and when I turned around to check on him he was on his belly! I couldn't believe I'd missed it. I squealed in delight, then turned him back over so I could see him do it. He just looked at me like, 'what?' *innocent eyes*. So I got my bowl of cereal and came back and he was on his belly again! Little minx.

I finally saw him do it later, and he's done it several times since then. I made Dad watch him do it this evening so we could be proud together.

Tai is my wonderfu, amazing baby: watch!


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