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Jul. 28th, 2011 11:14 pm
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I am a girl

I cannot believe it!  This morning as I was getting ready to leave for the ultrasound appointment, I was thinking "Okay, even though you've been suspecting it's a girl, you know that it is going to be a boy.  So get ready for them to say that."  But there was a part of me that was convinced that the baby is a girl.  Tai was still saying the baby in my tummy would be his sister.  (There were a couple of times he said a brother, but mostly he thought the baby would be a girl.)  

As I lowered my pants and pulled up my shirt, the ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know the sex.  Hells yes!  And this is the first shot she got.  She said, "It's a girl!"  Even though I wasn't looking, Tom told me later that he cried when she told us.  Tai (who had come with us) said, "I was right!"  And then he suggested, "I'm always right."  Heh.  He cracked up the tech several times, especially when he said that he wanted to help me clean this afternoon.  She wanted to know why her kids never said that.

Even though I have had mixed feelings before, when I heard she's a girl I was only thrilled.  All worries aside, I am excited to see what being the mom of a girl is like.  Or, what being the mom of *this* girl will be like.  

In other good news - everything they could see with the ultrasound looked good.  All four chambers of her heart, her brain, her gall bladder (!)... I got to see the umbilical cord (in different colors, weird) and how the blood moved through the heart (also in color, cool).  The neck measurements and bone measurements all looked good.  So did the belly and ... I forget what else.  I am, of course, relieved and pleased.  Even though the OB had estimated I'm 19 weeks, the ultrasound dated me at 18 weeks, 4 days - which is pretty close.  They said she's growing well.  

More thoughts later.  Poor Tai came down with a fever this afternoon - his school called me at 4:40 (just before I was about to take off to pick him up) to let me know that he was sick.  He was actually sleeping in the office when I arrived about 10 minutes later.  He spent the evening napping on the guest bed, watching the Wiggles and playing Portal on the couch.  He hasn't been sick when he's been so verbal... or maybe he's just feeling worse than he has in a while, because the kidlet kept saying he was sick.  He said his ears are hurting, so we might have another ear infection.  

I did make him laugh a little bit when I was suggesting in-utero names for the girl.  (Tom said Tai could pick a name for her while she's in my belly.  At first he couldn't think of anything - so I suggested, "Luna 2, Cocoa 2, (Luna and Cocoa are our dogs), Bun-bun 4, or maybe birdy".  He said, "nooo" to each one with a grin.  Then he suggested "Slaiko" (pronounced sly-ko) ... so that's the name of the moment.  At first I thought he'd said Psycho - which I would not go with. 

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I am soooooo excited! YAY!!!



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