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Last night was date night, which means Tai stays with his Grandma (read: Ba) while Tom and I get dinner and a couple of drinks.  I talk about my novel, about what I'm reading (the Twilight series *shudder* - why am I still reading this?) and what Tai is up to during the week, and Tom talks about work.  Sometimes his stories would have a better audience in a computer geek, but last night he had a good one.

One of his employees - I'll call him G - is a gun-nut and a survivalist.  He's ex-Army Special Forces.  I will admit he makes me nervous, in theory, but in practice he's a nice guy.  Anyway - he does hardware as well as software work and he likes to play around with hardware.  One day Tom came back to work and the courtyard was closed off.  There were security and office emergency volunteers posted around the perimeter.  He wondered what was going on, but didn't ask.  Later he found out - G had made a solar powered battery charger for some of his computer equipment.  He'd left it in the middle of the courtyard to see how much of a charge he could get during the day.  Someone saw it out there, a briefcase full of wires and assumed - bomb.  When G went out to get it, they'd already called in the bomb squad.  Fortunately the situation was defused before anything got out of hand.

Later, on a trip to China, G picked up some new supplies, including a solar panel that is about as big as a piece of notebook paper.  He installed it in an army-green folder and created a new solar-charger for other equipment.  One afternoon he was carrying it into work, when Tom and another friend of theirs, H, met up with them.  

H says, "Got another bomb, there, Hurt Locker?" 

I about lost my shit.
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Here is Tai, all dressed up for the 4th of July, playing the drums with a guy we met on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate park.  He was drawn by all of the drumming, wanting to dance and participate.  It took him a few minutes to warm up to the guy with the drums enough so that he actually played - but then he would have spent the rest of the day here.  

He's been having a tough time the last couple of days.  His bottom molars are coming very very slowly and I think it's hurting him.  He's drooling like crazy, chewing on his fingers, nursing a lot more than he had been, and throwing a temper tantrum at the drop of a hat.   It's not the end of the world, though, because of two mitigating factors.  1. He's pretty easily distracted after a bit, and 2. He's been having tantrums about funny stuff.

Last night I was doing some cleaning down in the basement and Tom was hanging out with Tai.  Suddenly I heard Tai start to freak out.  After a bit I went up to see what was going on.  Tom was in the kitchen cooking, and Tai was in his high-chair, crying.   Apparently Tai went into the kitchen and pointed at the fridge.  Tom asked what he wanted and Tai said something that sounded like 'broccoli'.  He hasn't said anything that complicated before, so Tom tried to figure out what he meant.  After offering several things (juice, cheese, fruit) Tom finally opened up the vegetable drawer (where Tai was pointing) and held up the broccoli.  That's what Tai wanted.  Tai cried for the ten or so minutes it took to cook the broccoli, then happily munched some down.  Must have broccoli now, Dad.

Today Tai and I went to pick up some cereal for me at the Good Life grocery store.  While I picked up some bananas, Tai found the strawberries. He clearly expressed our need for a container of berries.  (He was right.)  He could barely wait until I put them up on the cash register belt to have one.  The cashier grinned at us and said that he had the best hissy fit she'd ever seen - fruit fits.  He and I both ate a berry on the walk home and they were so sweet.


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