Dec. 6th, 2010


Dec. 6th, 2010 10:46 pm
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Of course I came down with whatever plague Tai had this morning.  I woke up feeling a little weird and soon the stuffiness set in and then the sinus headache and general feeling of yuck.  So instead of celebrating my first day of having Tai back to school by going to Starbucks for a much-missed Pumpkin Spice Latte and some good writing, I spent it on the couch watching TV.  It's just like last week, but I don't have anyone to whine at.  Thank goodness I have a ton of Law and Order: Criminal Intent and In Treatment to watch.  And I napped.

We had a good weekend, though.  Tai started to feel better on Saturday morning, just in time for Judy and Richard to visit (Tom's mom and step-dad).  For the first day in ages, he ran around like usual (though with more snot than is healthy for anyone).  We decorated the house, went to the bead store (I am so addicted to beading) and had a great dinner with my mom last night.

Friday night was fabulous - I had my last writing class of this 6 month session, and while I didn't finish the first draft of my novel, I did get some good progress.  I was having my last submission critiqued, and it was well liked.  My favorite comment was from a woman who I really respect.  She said, "It was creepy and hot."  Exactly what I was going for!  Unfortunately I didn't give anyone a NSFW warning, and half of the class read it during work.  One woman said she was reading along, when her mom called.  She was so startled that her mom thought she'd been sleeping or something.  She just hoped her mom wouldn't ask exactly what she was reading.   Everyone seemed both disturbed and enthralled by the section, which was my hope.  I'm trying to figure out my next step with writing classes.  I could take the same class again, but I'm not sure how well I do with it.  I'm not good in keeping up with my weekly check ins when I have a partner who also flakes.  I think it might be more useful for me to have a group that meets more frequently and has more in-depth critique.  My skin has gotten a lot thicker around my writing.  I  can take criticism better than I used to.  I feel like I want a push, and I'm not sure where to find that.

I'm hoping that this sickness doesn't last as long as Tai's did.  I would like to actually get out and do something.  Tonight was the Sing-It-Yourself Messiah, which I've gone to for five or so years now, but I was feeling too crappy to go.  Plus, I don't think my voice could have done it.

Tomorrow I'll have a better entry.   If you're looking for an intro to me, check out my intro tag!


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